Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
R21AS00257 WaterSMART Grants: Small-Scale Water Efficiency Projects
P19AS00615 Threatened Western Snowy Plover Monitoring and Protection at Point Reyes National Seashore
P19AS00077 Maintenance Project (repair fences, trails, remove vegetation) at Parashant National Monument
P19AS00047 Archeological Survey, Monitoring, and Site Recording for Joshua Tree National Park
F19AS00207 Prairie Species Conservation, Habitat Management, and Captive Rearing
NPS NOIP19AC00134 Document Significant Fossil Localities within the Sharps Formation - BADL
P18AS00690 Vulnerability Assessment of Wetland Habitats to Reed Canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea) along Ross Lake, North Cascades National Park Service Complex
P18AS00675 Vegetation Change and Wildfire Fuels Assessment in Three San Francisco Bay Area Network
P18AS00615 NOTICE OF INTENT: Augmented Reality Diorama Project
F18AS00303 Migratory Bird Joint Ventures (Black Duck Joint Venture)
P18AS00544 Researching Wolverine Dispersal and Population Dynamics in Northern Alaska Using Genetic Techniques
P18AS00314 Wupatki Pueblo Geological Hazard Assessment
F17AS00464 Science Applications/National Priority Initiative for Monarchs
P17AS00514 Public Stewardship and Youth Outreach - Invasives Removal
P17AS00232 Statistical Methodological Development for Long-Term Vegetation Monitoring
L17AS00066 BLM NV Groundwater Modeling in Nevada
P17AS00196 RMYC Interns working directly with a Wilderness Trail Crew


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